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How could someone so young have such a profound impact on the world?

Amity had an extraordinary energy for life. She was creative and caring. She constantly surprised and delighted the people around her. But when she was five years old, she was diagnosed with the deadliest cancer a child can get.

DIPG, Diffuse Intrinsic Pontine Glioma. A tumour that grows in the brainstem and is impossible to surgically remove without damaging healthy tissue. It has a 0% survival rate. On 11 January 2018, DIPG took Amity’s life. But what she left behind is changing the world.

You can also have an incredible impact on the future for children with cancer. Your donation today will help us continue this vital research. Please give generously today, for the love of Amity.


From the age of three, Amity always said she wished to be a scientist when she grew up, so she could get answers to all her questions. So Amity’s family honoured her wish, they donated her tumour to our Children’s Cancer Institute tumour bank.

Amity has had an incredible impact on the world. Her tumour sample has helped lead to our first-ever clinical trial. Amity’s dream of finding answers is coming true.

Thanks to Amity we now have a chance to find a cure for DIPG.

Our tumour bank is the only one of its kind in Australia. Amity’s tumour sample, combined with several others, is now helping to shed light on questions that have previously been unanswerable. In the most important progression in research into DIPG since it was first diagnosed, we have just initiated a pioneering clinical trial.

Amity’s story is not over. Her legacy will continue to help other children to survive.

Read more about Amity's story. 

Thank you to all our supporters who have supported Amity's appeal. There is still time to donate before the end of financial year. Donations are open until midnight June 30. Every dollar counts in our fight against this devastating childhood cancer.  

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