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Sadly, nearly three children and adolescents will die from their cancer every week here in Australia.  We believe that is three too many.  

This year marks the 5th consecutive year that we have proudly partnered with Children's Cancer Institute to support their efforts in researching a cure for all childhood cancers.  In Decemeber we launched our annual Christmas Catalogue and with the help of our customers donated over $23,000 by offering 2% of all catalogue sales. Additonally we also supported The Children's Cancer Institute with donations of product towards their redevelopment, taking our total contribution to $34,433.

This year we would like to donate even more to this worthy cause and help them find a cure for all children suffering with cancer by giving you our valued customers the opportunity to donate either in-store or here via our page.


Every year more than 950 Australian children and adolescents will be diagnosed with cancer, and every week nearly three Australian children and adolescents will die of cancer.  Children's Cancer Institute exsists solely to put a stop to this. 

As the only independent medical research institute in Australia wholly dedicated to childhood cancer, their role is vital. Because despite their progress cancer still kills more children than any other disease.  Their task won't be easy - childhood cancer is hugely complex - but they're confident that with the brightest brains, the best facilities and the greatest determination, we will get the job done.

Curing childhood cancer.  It's not if. It's when. 



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