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"Research changes everything. If we didn’t have teams looking into new treatments and how to personalise these treatments for each child, I’d hate to think where so many children and their families would be."

As a nurse, Nikki’s focus is on being there for others when they most need it. When Nikki was diagnosed with acute lymphoblastic leukaemia at age 13, her life changed drastically. The treatment that saved her also nearly killed her. After being in a coma in the ICU, Nikki had to learn to walk, talk, write and eat again. Throughout it all, Nikki always wanted to be just like the nurses who looked after her.

Now, Nikki is on the frontline helping families because she wants to give back. But it isn’t always easy. Nikki suffers from long-term side effects like chronic bone pain, weakened lungs, bouts of pneumonia, nerve damage to her legs and feet, and now fertility issues.

Nikki’s cancer treatment as a child impacted her fertility. After undergoing 18 months of fertility treatment, Nikki was about to complete an IVF cycle that would result in an embryo transfer, but due to the COVID-19 pandemic this has been postponed indefinitely.

Nikki wants to make sure that other children don’t suffer side effects like this and knows how important it is to have the right support and the right treatments.


“The work of Children’s Cancer Institute is everything I have been wanting to do for the families touched by childhood cancer. It’s not just saving lives or giving hope to those whose odds are against them, it’s changing the lives of the survivors just like me so that late effects are lessened.”

“Life is pretty great for me now. I am a registered nurse at the hospital where I was treated as a child - a dream of mine since I was diagnosed. I get to work alongside the incredible teams that saved my life… it is honestly a dream come true.”

Regardless of the impacts of childhood cancer, Nikki is always on the frontline helping others. She doesn't want your thanks she wants you to donate to Children’s Cancer Institute so other children don’t struggle like she has.

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Cancer doesn’t stop for anyone and now, more than ever before, we need your help.

COVID-19 is having a drastic impact on the funds we depend on to run innovative research programs and find new cures. Can we depend on you to help children with cancer have the chance to become inspiring adults like Nikki? Every dollar donated today will help keep our research going. Please donate today.

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