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Jade was just two years old when she was diagnosed with a rare Ganglioneuroblastoma tumour that covered more than half her brain. The treatment that saved Jade’s life has left her with lifelong side-effects, including brain damage.

Your support today will help ensure no child suffers from the very treatment required to save their life. 

Jade endured multiple brain surgeries, a stem cell transplant and numerous rounds of chemotherapy. Through it all, she managed to keep a smile on her face.

But one of the surgeries damaged Jade's brain, resulting in an acquired brain injury.

The surgery took her speech, took everything. She couldn’t sit up, she couldn’t do anything. Her right side was paralysed. She was flat on her back

Hayley, Jade's mum

But Jade was determined not to be beaten. Her attitude can be summed up in two words: “I will.”

Today Jade can walk, talk, read and write. But she will never experience life as an ordinary child again. 

Options for children with rare and aggressive cancers, like Jade's, have been severely limited — until now.

With your support, we are pioneering research programs like Zero Childhood Cancer, that offers Australia's first-ever, personalised medicine program for children with high-risk or aggressive cancer. It's already making a difference for children just like Jade.

The Zero Childhood Cancer program is transforming the way children with cancer are being treated, and we rely on people like you, who understand what's at stake, to continue our work.

Your generosity this Christmas will ensure research like Zero Childhood Cancer can continue to save the lives and the futures of children like Jade.


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